Avocado Sock Articles

Check out this feature on The Avocado Sock on Cityline TV's list of the 10 best gourmet gifts for the foodie in your life.

The Avocado Sock has been the very grateful recipient of many positive press articles and reviews. The original article was published in our local newspaper, the North Shore News, picked up by the London Daily Mail, and several other very credible news outlets; and the rest is history.

Avocado Sock Testimonials

The Avocado Sock was product tested by a wide variety of people; friends, strangers, family, colleagues, chefs, and random people. This is a small selection of the heartfelt testimonials received.

The Avocado Socks are incredible! Naturally ripens avocados much faster than on their own so you can enjoy your homemade guacamole in a day rather than a week. Also fabulous for packing Avocados in your child's lunch for a nutritious snack:)

The " Avocado Sock" is the best invention ever. For someone that loves avocados and uses them daily, it's such a pleasure to not have to think about the perfect ripeness. It's as simple as putting a firm one in its sock and about 24-48 hours later it's perfect. Just amazing.

I was one of the fortunate recipients of your clever avocado sock. I would like to know if they are for sale yet? I would like to purchase several of them as they make wonderful gifts.

The Avocado Sock delivers its promise and more!

I love avocados but was frequently disappointed with their stage of ripeness when I needed them. They were too hard or had to be discarded due to bruising or over ripeness. But that changed 4 months ago when I began using my unique Avocado Sock. Within one or two days, every avocado I've tucked into this cozy sock has yielded smooth, unblemished, creamy fruit to devour. And the socks are a cute addition to your fruit bowl. You won't be disappointed.

Who knew I needed an "avocado sock"? Since using my avocado sock I have not had to worry about bruises or whether or not I had a ripe avocado. I simply choose a firm unripe avocado and put it in its attractive sock for 48 hours or less and voila a perfect avocado very time.

What a great invention. No more pinching at the grocery store to find an avocado that is ripe but not bruised or mushy. Just buy a firm avocado, put it in its sock and a perfect avocado every time.

I just love my avocado sock. It makes me smile when I pass it in the kitchen. It's beautiful and functional! Such a beautiful solution to an annoying and perennial problem.

Being a fond lover of avocados no longer needs to be a hit and miss game of buying overripe avocados or green ones that need to sit for days before they're ready. I've been really impressed with how quickly and effectively the avocado sock works. It's a hit in our household.

A warm and winsome work of art with fabulous functionality! I love my avocado sock.

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